John Clark Jr. Team Leader and Senior Loan Officer

Senior Loan officer


Thank you for visiting us online. Our team is here to assist you with all your real estate financing needs.

Whether you desire to purchase your first home, a second home, a vacation home, or an investment property we have all of the tools to help make your real estate dreams a reality.  
We offer the following types of loans:

VA; FHA; USDA; Conventional; Jumbo; Bank Statement for income loans; Lite-Doc for those who cannot document their income

If you are seeking more creative products for your investment property purchases, we have those available for your benefit as well.

Investor style of loans are as follows:

Fix and Flip financing

BRRR acquisition approach

Rental Cash Flow (DSCR) loans that allow you to purchase properties based upon rental income from tenants as opposed to your income

Portfolio loans where you may combine multiple properties and property types across city and state lines into one new loan for purchase or refinance

We also provide refinancing for any residential or commercial properties you own.

Since market conditions and mortgage programs change frequently, you can count us to be on top of our game and ready to assist you as a top-tier group of  professionals who is able to give you quick and accurate financial advice. Our team is ready and equipped to assist you in considering a whole range of factors regarding your lending needs in order to develop you a personally-tailored loan solution.

As an experienced loan officer with almost 20 years of experience, you will benefit from my knowledge and expertise to helps you explore and understand the many financing options available. We make every effort to simplify the lending process for you with step-by-step guidance from application to closing.
We are committed to providing you with the best customer service available.

When you are ready to obtain financing, easily apply online via the following website:
Once you have applied, we will set a time for you to discuss the details of your intentions and timing.
As always, you may contact me anytime by phone, text or email for personalized service and expert advice.

I look forward toward connecting with you real soon.


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